Established in 2017

En Flor is an initiative birthed out of love for the future generation. It’s primary aim is to create an enabling environment for the growing child.

We not only believe that children are the future, we also believe that the older generation are the one saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the future generation not only grow but grow in an environment that will showcase their innate abilities, give them a chance to bloom efficiently mentally, morally, spiritually and healthily.


With series of programs and activities ranging from academics, health, entertainment, spirituality and many more, at En Flor, we ensure that we touch every life close or far. We make sure the future generation live life to the fullest the right way.


To make every child have a sanity of freedom in them.


To be the number care provider for African Children 


  • We care
  • We are committed
  • We listen
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